USA-OK Statement on Privacy

USA-OK Statement and Position on Privacy

The Unmanned Systems Alliance of Oklahoma (USA-OK) is focused on supporting the growth of the unmanned systems industry in Oklahoma to enable positive benefits to society such as improved human potential and efficiency, economic growth, and important new life-saving capabilities in areas such as search and rescue and fighting wildfires.  USA-OK does not support or condone any behavior, activity or operation that threatens public safety or violates individual legal rights, including important constitutional rights such as the federal 4th Amendment.  USA-OK supports the position stated in the 2012 Report of the Governor’s Oklahoma Unmanned Aerial Systems Council that states in part:


“The growth of UAS has the potential for enormous good and economic benefit for all residents, introducing new capabilities simply not possible at present. As with any new technology, however, new capabilities come with the potential for abuse. The state of Oklahoma takes these issues and concerns seriously. We support calls for thoughtful and informed dialogue to address these concerns and for the industry to work with privacy advocates, policymakers and legislators to provide the necessary protections against misuse.”


As a state chapter of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), USA-OK also affirms and supports the AUVSI Unmanned Aircraft System Operations Industry “Code of Conduct”  and the AUVSI Privacy Statement which states:


AUVSI Privacy Statement


Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) increase human potential by doing dangerous or difficult tasks safely and efficiently. Whether it is improving agriculture practices and output, helping first responders, advancing scientific research, or making business more efficient, UAS are capable of saving time, saving money and most importantly, saving lives.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) supports the development and advancement of UAS technology in a safe and responsible manner, while respecting existing privacy laws and ensuring transparency and accountability. AUVSI does not support additional restrictive legislation that will prohibit, delay, or prevent the use of UAS by our public safety agencies and other end users. AUVSI recognizes this new industry is poised to create over 70,000 new jobs within the first three years of UAS being integrated into the National Airspace System in the United States; however, restrictive legislation will inhibit this new industry.
AUVSI supports:

    • Registration of unmanned aircraft and pilots with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • Enforcement of established law and policy, governing the collection, use, storage, sharing and deletion of data, regardless of how it is collected.
      • These policies should be available for public review.
      • The policies should outline strict accountability for unauthorized use.
      • AUVSI supports the International Association of Chiefs of Police recommended guidelines for UAS operations and their recommendations on data collection, which have been adopted by the Airborne Law Enforcement Association and others.
      • UAS manufacturers shall not be held responsible for improper or illegal use of unmanned aircraft systems.

AUVSI does not condone the use of UAS to illegally spy on people. AUVSI fully supports the prosecution of individuals that violate privacy laws. AUVSI fully supports the 4th Amendment's requirement that a search warrant be obtained prior to the government invading an individual's privacy.

AUVSI is opposed to many of the bills that have been introduced in Congress and at state capitals around the country. These bills would fundamentally change current search warrant requirements, which the courts have ably shaped over the past 225 years. The issue should be focused on the extent to which the government can collect, use and store personal data – which is why transparency and accountability are key.

Instead of focusing on how the government collects information, AUVSI supports an open debate on the government's right to collect, use, store, share, and delete personal data. AUVSI believes information gathered by a UAS should be treated no differently than information gathered by a manned aircraft, or other electronic means.

In 2012, AUVSI recently released the industry's first Code of Conduct which is built around safety, professionalism and respect.


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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provides very useful and helpful information regarding UAS at:

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The International Association of Chiefs of Police Aviation Committee developed Recommended Guidelines for the use of Unmanned Aircraft which can be found here:

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